Coalition Marketing

Why MIG?

MIG help our clients build more profitable relationships with their customers

Email marketing specialists

MIG worked closely with Nectar over several key and formative years to develop the cross introduction of Partners through a Coalition Marketing email programme. During this time we developed our expertise and knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work in this type of marketing activity.

MIG work with key brands & businesses

MIG was one of the first broadcast email service providers and introduced several household names to the medium. Operationally, MIG has vast experience in managing and delivering multiple campaigns with complex offers and tight deadlines and regularly designs, builds and delivers multi-partner campaigns.

Data management specialists

We specialise in data management and in particular the fast consolidation of data from many sources to create single customer views quickly and effectively. This is a vital skill required to bring together the many Partner datasets and ensure that customers are not invited to receive offers when they are already known by one, or more, of the Partners.

Access to over 13m consumer records

Over recent years, MIG has worked with a number of retailers, The Consumer Club and other data partners to create an ‘opted-in’ data pool that can be access via the Coalition Marketing Platform.  Known as Market Place, this data can also be used to match and enhance your own database providing other fields of data or intelligence ( where applicable and usable) to improve the effectiveness of your own data.  By working with partners and offering outstanding deals and offers via our Brand ‘The Consumer Club’, we are able to maintain the quality and effectiveness of the market Place data to keep it current and compliant.

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