Coalition Marketing

What is Coalition Marketing?

Coalition marketing is a unique, low investment method to acquire and reactivate customers by partnering with like-minded brands

Why Coalition Marketing?

A single company is unlikely to be able to supply everything and so it is logical that your customers buy from other sources too. Each business has ‘a piece of a jigsaw’ that together form the whole of your market segment or niche. In marketing, we spend a fortune trying to attract other people from that niche when in fact your Partners will already know and be in contact with your future customers and what is more, they’d be pleased to introduce you.

Recruit new leads

At the same time, your chosen Partners invite their customers to take up your offer to secure brand new leads for you. For each lead that comes to you there is a small fee or bounty, however, in turn you get revenue from the Partners that your customers select as well as their appreciation too.

Reactivate your customers

At the same time you have a chance to reactivate your lapsed customers with your own offer – obviously the more attractive the offer, the more customers you’ll reactivate and new leads you’ll recruit!