Coalition Marketing


How much is it?

For details of costs please speak with us directly.

My data is not 3rd party approved – can I still join?

Yes you can as the email to your customers will be sent from you. The reality that the email also includes offers from selected partners does not affect your non 3rd party status as it is clear what the customer is accepting when they select an offer.

What will happen with my data?

We always provide new clients with a copy of our Data Processing Policy (this will be sent to you automatically when you register for your FREE trial) which details exactly what we do and how we behave with client data. We respect that your data is not ours and will never become ours.
We will create a mailing file for you, suppressing any duplicates. We will store the data securely and manage it in line with your coalition activity.

We cannot get access to the data we would like to use?

We have skilled experts who are used to recovering data from a variety of systems and situations, our experts will also happily give you advice about your data and how to enhance it through our partnership with ‘Market Place’

What volume of data will receive my email?

You decide on the volume of records up to a maximum of 2m in any one campaign. The volumes are calculated for you as you plan each campaign depending on the number of records that the partners have who you don’t already know.

How often will campaigns run?

We will be running multiple campaigns each month. You don’t have to be a part of all of them and you might not be a fit for them all.

What if I don’t want to be involved in a particular campaign?

You decide which campaigns to join and which partners you want to work with as do they- hence Coalition, the platform enables you to select and de-select partners for each campaign as you will see when you set up your FREE trial.

What if I want to change the coalition group I am in?

There is no problem any company changing the group they are in or being involved in multiple groups providing all the Partners are happy.

What if I want to work with specific Partners?

No problem, tell us who they are and we will endeavour to present to them the details and encourage them to join you.

How do you find the Partners?

We market to them selectively and directly and where at all possible as part of an appropriate group. Each company that is approached will know the kind of retailers we think will suit them and that we have approached those other potential members. To add to this, we will also approach other prospective Partners on behalf of others.

How do you ensure that my new leads are genuinely new?

All Partners supply data to MIG which we then deduplicate to suppress existing customers of any of the Partners.

Can you tell me which Partner my leads have come from?

Yes, this information is provided as part of the campaign report we supply.

Can I limit the number of customers that access my offer or that I have to pay for?

Yes you can. Campaigns can be capped and any customers that exceed the redemption threshold receive an appropriate message. Their data is still captured and flagged to you so that you can provide an alternative offer if you wish.

How can I increase the size of my campaign or add more data from other sources?

We have a unique partnership with The Consumer Club and Market Place so that within the platform you can create filters to identify more generic or specific data that doesn’t belong to partners and for an additional fee, add that data to your campaign. (The cost varies on data volume and filters used)