Coalition Marketing

How does it work?

A unique, low investment method to acquire and reactivate customers by partnering with like-minded brands.

  • MIG …
  • bring the partners together
  • build and manage each email campaign according to both your brand guidelines and your satisfaction, requiring only your sign off
  • carry out all of the data processing to ensure that duplicated customers are removed so that every lead is a genuinely new prospect
  • provide expert email management, quality delivery and comprehensive updates and reports on new and reactivated customers
  • automatically capture the details of the people who access the offers and we pass the data to you
  • All you need to do is …
  • upload two files to MIG; those who you want to receive offers from you and those you want to exclude from the offers. Both files will be suppressed from the Partner databases.
  • supply your offer to MIG.
  • approve the email to broadcast

MIG’s unique Coalition Marketing system

  • Our system has been built to automate all of the activities so that we can manage any volume of data so that campaigns can go to many millions if required.
  • The system is data compliant and in particular, the operational methodology means that it is not necessary to have 3rd party opt-ins on your data for this to work.